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Michael Gove - neo-conservative, admirer of Rupert Murdoch and former Secretary of State for Education in the UK - was instrumental in Blob Productions' founding.

How so? Well, Mr. Gove showed up one day in my* youngest son's classroom, presumably to take credit for a school that was excellent long before his coalition government came to be. And that wrankled, because if education has an antithesis, it's Michael Gove.

I could have written a scornful letter to The Times (a fine publication, albeit owned by Mr. Murdoch and former employer of both Mr. & Mrs. Gove). I could have, but instead decided to make a filmlet.

But what to call the filmlet's production entity? I toyed with using one of the false names Mr. Gove is alleged to have used when allegedly seeking to avoid Freedom of Information requests by allegedly using private e-mail accounts to conduct government business. "Mrs. Blurt" is one such name (nothing suspicious about that..!). Allegedly.

However, Mr. Gove provided a much better solution. He apparently refers to those who oppose him as "the Blob". It seems fitting, therefore, that the Blob provide him with a Prod. This is the first:


David Hofberg
* David Hofberg